10 Tips to reduce your energy bill this Winter

The long sunny days are gone for the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Temperatures are dropping, Peace signs are not showing and the energy sources are becoming less available for this coming winter. The EC has requested a drop in consumption as we’re all in this energy crisis together. To help households reduce their bill, I suggest a few measures which can contribute to reduce your energy bill:

  1. Use LED lamps
  2. Switch off the lights in the places which don’t need light
  3. Keep a moderate room temperature between 18ºC and 21ºC. Openning the windows to reduce the house temperature is a waste of energy, your money and the Planet’s resources. You don’t need to be on t-shirt! Wearing long sleeves at home is cool!
  4. Ventilate your place during warmer moments to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. Is great to have fresh air but do so wisely!
  5. Open the curtains to the maximum so natural light gets in for longer
  6. Keep your appliances’ plugs out of the sockets
  7. Dry your clothes at room temperature instead of using the dryer
  8. Switch on your wash machine and dishwasher after 22h00
  9. Cook the more energy intensive dishes during the weekend and warm them during the week
  10. Brew your tea and coffee the night before and keep it warm in a thermo bottle. They’re cool too!

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